SUBTEC GROUP was born to bring a new concept of service provider to the energy industry. Acting in 3 different business lines, Drilling, Operation & Maintenance and Modification & Repair, we bring to our customers safety, quality and innovation in their projects. The way the company develops its employees is the great differentiator. Our motto is "The company is as strong as its intellectual capital". We recognize and trust in the ability of our employees to always perform the best service for our customers, as our professionals are very well trained and qualified to perform the services. Our company is always looking for new knowledge and innovations to meet the needs of our customers in a safe, agile and high quality manner. The key to SUBTEC GROUP 's success lies in the partnership established with our stakeholders, we focus on anticipating demands, reducing costs, reducing execution time and always maintaining a high level of safety and quality in the services provided. We are SUBTEC GROUP ! We were born to win!

2014: The company was born in South Africa with the objective of supporting drilling operations in the African continent.

2015: The company starts its activities in Brazil, on June 2nd, focusing on the maintenance of Subsea Equipment (BOP).

2017: Positive reaction of the Oil and Gas market (International and National). Company increases the number of projects in operation in Brazil.

2018: Restructuring, the company now has a new team and increases the technical staff.

2019: Company emerges as one of the main suppliers of specialized technical services in the Subsea area in Brazil and in several countries.

2020: Subtec Group opens its new base in Vila Velha-ES and New Branch in Africa is opened, this time in Angola, also with the objective of supporting the company's international operations.


Provide solutions in specialized technical services for maintenance, operation and inspection of equipment with quality and safety operating in the oil and gas, Metal mechanics, Naval, Petrochemical markets, among others.


To be a company of national reference in the delivery of technical solutions, with quality in the areas of Drilling, Operation & Maintenance and Modification & Repairs until 2024.



We are a family owned and operated business.

Security for us is paramount. SUBTEC works to maintain excellent safety levels by updating our policies, training our employees and monitoring our operations, in order to prevent any damage to health or the environment.


We are a family owned and operated business.

In our company, the search for evolution is constant, we are always attentive to new technologies and new ways to develop our services in a safe and agile way for our customers.


We are a family owned and operated business.

SUBTEC acts with integrity and transparency with all stakeholders. Information is always clear and transparent with all our employees, customers and suppliers, this has made us one of the best companies for both doing business and working.


We are a family owned and operated business.

SUBTEC acts in a safe and responsible manner in its financial matters, we seek to serve our customers without impacting their budgets and we enter into partnerships with suppliers who act with the same responsibility for a fair and healthy business relationship.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Our vision is to have the best intellectual capital and that is why we are committed to developing, caring for and valuing people who seek and want professional growth. SUBTEC understands that employees are the biggest “assets” and a fundamental part of the company.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Subtec in its entire team presents a set of skills, attitudes and knowledge that mobilize decisions to act assertively in any situation, this makes us effective and competent in the face of multiple requests.


Rua Parnaíba, S/N Santa Rita,

Vila Velha - ES

CEP: 29118-475


Rua Vinícius Torres, 408 

9º Andar, Praia da Costa,

Vila Velha - ES

CEP: 29101-105

Telefone: +55 (27) 3072-6101

Fax: +55 (27) 3072-6501


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